Thursday, August 25, 2011

Obliterators converted... Tributes (giving credit where credit is due)

To sharpen my conversion skills I had to do some research and lots of practice... I can't take all of the credit, so I'm going to show some of my sculpt work, then as a tribute to the website I learn these techniques from, I'm going to add the links to their website as well..

I'm going to use alot of "Green Stuff" for this conversion. So to speed up the curing process, I've created an oven /cooker that will semi-harden the green stuff in just under an hour. So, once I created a mold, I can start the hardening process then move on to another without waiting a large amount of time.... see the link below and build your own heat lamp (cooker)...

Secondly, for the Obliterators conversion, we'll need to make decorative armor. I'll sculpt several pieces... armor for the chest, arms, legs, shoulder, face, etc. I build molds for this. That way I can use the molds to produce duplicates for the other models in the unit so they look the same. After practice, trial and error, I've maganged to pull it off... see the link below and build your own decorative armor...

Ok, I've showed you some basic techniques that I've picked up through research. These are my tributes to those whom I borrew techniques from. I've still got my secrets as well, just giving credit where credit is due.

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