Monday, April 18, 2011

Night Lords Defiler / 4th ed.

2007 Tournament in Indianapolis (Greenwood), pictures coutresy of my good friend, Kurt Metz
 My first Defiler Walker attempt, before they nerfed my Night Lords...
Since then, I've added a two-handed Battle Cannon and signature Night Lord wings to his helmet...
He's on the display shelf for now. Am I the only person that misses the Chaos Cults?

Chaos Defiler Conversion / Painted

 I've put some paint on him, now he's almost ready for the table... Am I the only person that doesn't play a model unless its painted?
Here's a little closer look, not bad, huh?

Chaos Defiler Conversion / The Walking Warrior

The Defiler (imo) is my favorite chaos model, but I convert'em into nasty walkers that follow my rhino mounted squads. I used to play World Eaters in 4th edition, so I have a six legged Defiler (he's nasty too). But, since the 5th brought forth the Defiler that has fleet, here is my conversion.

 He has a shoulder mounter Battle Cannon - can you Predator? Also, he's got a staff type spiked mace as his CC weapon....
Walking Warrior, if he can survive T1 he'll tear some stuff up...

Welcome to Hellz Realm

Welcome. For the last 10 years, I have been painting, playing, converting Warhammers 40k. I can paint (pretty good), I can play (pretty good), but my true talent is in the conversion and imagination of my army / models... My armies, when I'm done, will definately be unique.

So, my good friend Ted, whom I send pics to frequently on the progess of new stuff, says to me, "you should start a blog".

Well Ted, here it goes... Hellz Realm.